Money Exchange

Money Exchange

We Provide Best Forex Rates & Currency Exchange Rates in Delhi NCR , India for  Major Currencies and Travel Currency Card.


AS ON 7th June 10.30 A.M IST
CURRENCY                          YOU SELL                                           YOU BUY
                                             Currency             Travel Currency Card                             Currency                 
US Dollar                                      66.85                                  67.15                                    67.95                                                        
Euro                                              75.50                                  76.30                                    77.25                                                        
British Pound                               96.80                                  97.60                                    99.20                                             
Singapore Dollar                         48.50                                   49.50                                    50.20                                             
Australian Dollar                         48.40                                   49.65                                    50.00                                             
UAE Dirham                                 18.10                                   18.45                                    18.60
Japanese Yen/100                       60.00                                   63.75                                    64.25                
Canadian Dollar                           51.20                                   52.35                                   53.00
Thai Baht                                       1.90                                     1.96                                      1.96
New Zealand Dolllar                    44.70                                  45.70                                    46.95

15% Discount on Travel Insurance if Forex purchased from us.
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* Rates are subject to change without notice
These rates are Special online promotion rates only. Normal Rates are different.

Safe my trip is a Full-Fledged Money Changer authorised by the Reserve Bank of India to Sell and Purchase foreign exchange (Forex) for travel purpose only. Our Exchange rate list ensures the latest and most profitable currency rates and forex rates for customers. 

Information of R.B.I rules on purchase and sale of foreign exchange are also mentioned in this website for your reference. We strictly follows these rules and necessary documentation are required for all transactions as advised by the R.B.I. 

Change your currency at rates better than airports, banks and other money and currency exchange dealers. GD Seigell & Co Pvt Ltd can provide you the best  currency exchange rate for converting Indian Rupees to Foreign Exchange and Foreign Exchange to Indian Rupees. Major Foreign Exchange currencies are US Dollar, Euro, Great Britain Pound, Singapore Dollar, UAE Dirham, Thai Baht, Australian Dollar, Japanese Yen, Chinese Yuan Renminbi, Canadian Dollar, Hong Kong Dollar etc.

Please visit our website daily for best exchange rates.

For Corporate tie-ups please 

We can Offer Both Single Currency Forex Travel Card and Multi Currency Forex Card

Benefit of Multi Currency Forex Card:
You can carry multiple currencies (USD, EUR, GBP, SGD, AUD, CAD, JPY, CHF, SEK, THB, AED, NZD, HKD & SAR) on a single card, thereby making it a convenient way to carry forex and make payments while travelling to multiple countries

Benefits of Prepaid Travel Currency Cards: We do not charge any issuance fee on cards.
With it you can attend to your business, enjoy the delightful tourist spots, dine out, and take in the breath taking landscape and exotic culture of the country without worrying about money changers and converting your traveller's cheques into local currency.

For payments, you can directly swipe your Travel Currency Card without any transaction fee at merchant establishments accepting Visa/Mastercard, Saving you the hassle of carrying cash while on the move. 

The Travel Currency Card also gives you a 24-hour access to your money. Withdraw funds in the local currency from any Visa / Mastercard (ATM's).

In case you are short of funds abroad, the card can be reloaded for more funds as per your request and other conditions for the same.

In Partnership with Axis Bank & HDFC Bank

GD Seigell & Co Pvt Ltd would continuously keep updating this website with the latest information so that you are always up to date with R.B.I Rules and Regulations. 

If you have any feedback on how we can make our new website better please do contact us and we would like to hear from you. 

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