South India Tour Packages 25 Nights 26 Days (Group Tour) (Start Rs 30500/-) Per Person

South India Tour Packages 25 Nights 26 Days (Group Tour) (Start Rs 30500/-) Per Person

South India - A Living Heritage

Visit Duration : 26 Days

Destinations Covered : Chennai, Mahabalipuram, Kanchipuram, Pondicherry, Chidambaram, Darasuran, Kumbakonam, Thanjavur, Trichy, Madurai, Cardamom House, Periyar, Munnar, Alleppey, Houseboat, Kumarakom, Mararikulam, Cochin,Ooty

Day 01: Arrival/Chennai

Late night entry, Meeting and help upon landing as our agents welcome you and escort you to your auto.

Whilst the room keys and registration is composed, our delegate would acquaint the visit with you and hand over the reports to you.

Welcome to India, or as we say 'atithi devo bhava' (the visitor is an incarnation of God). Much obliged to you for giving us the chance to serve you!

Overnight at Radisson Blu, City Center (Superior Room)

Day 02 ChennaiDay 02 Chennai

Today, we will continue to the voyage through one of Indi's biggest urban areas Madras is the capital of the southern condition of Tamil Nadu. The Tamillians are the glad inheritors of a rich social legacy, which is one of the fundamental purposes behind their convictions of prevalence over the hybridized society of North India. Fortress St. George (1653), worked by the British, in the blink of an eye houses the State secretariat and the authoritative get together. The Fort has an intriguing exhibition hall with entrancing accumulations of memorabilia from the beginning of the British Raj. St. Mary's Church (1678-80), was the principal English church and the most established making due in India. The High court building, worked of red sandstone has a fascinating archeological segment and a bronze display. The previous has a fascinating gathering of all major and antiquated south Indian administrations. The bronze area has intriguing accumulations of Chola (ninth century) bronze craftsmanship. The High Court, worked in Indo-Sracenic style should be the biggest legal working on the planet after the Court Of England. The Kapaleshwar sanctuary is an antiquated Shiva sanctuary in regular Dravidian (south Indian) style. Close to the sanctuary, the San Thome Cathedral (initially inherent 1504), is a Roman Catholic Church accepted to have the remaining parts of St. Thomas the Apostle.

Overnight at Radisson Blu, City Center (Superior Room)

Day 03: Chennai/Mahabalipuram (70 Kms)

Morning we will drive to Mahabalipuram

Upon landing register with your inn Ideal Beach Resort

Rest of the day is at recreation for your free exercises

Overnight at Ideal Beach Resort (Garden Facing Room)

Reach us for tweaked visit to South India

Day 04: Mahabalipuram

Today we will continue on a voyage through Mahabalipuram, which is renowned for its shore sanctuaries. The model here is especially fascinating on the grounds that, rather than Gods and Goddesses, the figure demonstrates scenes from contemporary everyday life - ladies draining cows, pretentious dignitaries, young ladies preparing and posturing in road corners or swinging their hips in cunning come-ons. Mahabalipuram is an agreeable town of basically two avenues and situated at the foot of low lying stone strewn slope where a large portion of the captivating sanctuaries and the stone slice carvings are to be found. It manages an awesome mix of a phenomenal shoreline, great fish and the interesting stays of an old Indian Kingdom

Overnight at Ideal Beach Resort (Garden Facing Room)

Day 05: Mahabalipuram/Kanchipuram/Pondicherry (187 Kms) (03 ½ Hrs Drive)

Taking after a comfortable breakfast we will drive to Pondicherry, in transit visit Kanchipuram

Kanchipuram is a Hindu Holy City and capital of the Pallava tradition from the seventh to ninth hundreds of years AD, is eminent for sanctuaries and silk, and you will see a lot of both. The sanctuaries range in date from the eighth to the seventeenth century. The most recent building was noteworthy in its size, the tallness of its gopuram, the multifaceted design of its carvings and abundance of shading, yet, the soonest sanctuaries, of brilliant sandstone, are all the more stylishly satisfying, the main shading gave is by a herd of ring-necked parakeets.

Over the street is a workshop where men sit at a weaver, weaving fabrics that you will perceive instantly as "Madras cotton". Be that as it may, Silk-weaving happens on a more excellent scale than the cotton-weaving in this town spotted with cabin workshops. You could visit a production line where all the procedures of turning, coloring and weaving occur. Of uncommon note would be impeccable wedding saris made to arrange - the silk is vigorously joined with gold string. The sari and shirt are woven together in order to guarantee an impeccable match.

From here we will proceed with our drive to Pondicherry

Upon landing register with Hotel De l' Orient

Overnight at Hotel De l'Orient (Cannanore)

Day 06: Pondicherry

After a restful breakfast, we will continue on a voyage through the city. More than whatever else, the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, where Sri Aurobindo and the Mother lived for the most parts of their lives, is a noteworthy fascination of this little city. The Pondicherry Museum is home to probably the most impeccable accumulations on design and figure. Pondicherry additionally has a charming shoreline close by promenade and chronicled landmarks. A portion of the other fascinating locales incorporates the Bharti and Bharthidasan Memorial exhibition halls and the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

The French, Britain's most grounded adversaries for the control of India, built up their a dependable balance here and just surrendered it in 1954. The town still has the vibe of a French common town, with its librairie, epicerie, forcing Hotel de Ville, commemoration to Franco-Indians murdered in the Great War, and statue of Joan of Arc. The houses could be anyplace in southern France and bear the commonplace white numbers on a blue ground. Road names, as well, are appeared in white on blue - mourn St Louis, regret de la Caserne etc. Amid a charming evening walk you could hear French talked often.

Overnight at Hotel De l'Orient (Cannanore)

Day 07: Pondicherry/Chidambaram/Kumbakonam/Darasuram/Thanjavur (190 Kms) (04 Hrs Drive)

Morning we will drive to Thanjavur enroute we will visit Chidambram, Darasuran, Kumbakonam.

Chidambram is in the middle of two waterways in a 40 sections of land sanctuary complex, it is one of the most established and superb sanctuaries of the South. Shiva Natrala or the Dancing Shiva remains in his infinite move posture in the brilliant established sanctorum. Flanking the sanctuary are 108 molded outlines of Bharat Natya Shashtra. In Akash Lingam covered up by a cloak, lies the genuine mystery of Chidambaram.

Later we will visit Kumbakonam, which is overwhelmed with sanctuaries of expansive size. There are upwards of sixty sanctuaries, in and around Kumbakonam inside 40-km of span. Of the numerous sanctuaries in Kumbakonam, the most established Shaiva fane is the Adikumbeshwara and the most established Vaishnava fane, the Sri Sarangapani.

Darasuram is a residential area close Kumbakonam. It is known for the Airavateshwar Temple worked by a Chola ruler in the twelfth Century CE. This sanctuary is a storage facility of workmanship and engineering. The vimana is 85 feet high. The front mandapam itself is as a colossal chariot drawn by steeds. The sanctuary has some choice stone carvings. The principle divinity's consort Periya Nayaki Amman sanctuary is arranged nearby Airavateshwarar sanctuary. From here we will proceed with our drive to Thanjavur,

Upon entry, register with lodging Ideal River View Resort

Overnight at Ideal River View Resort (River View Room)

Day 08: Thanjavur/Trichy (60 Kms)

Morning, continue on a voyage through Thanjavur Palace. It has enormous lobbies, extensive hallways, perception and armory towers and a shady patio. Despite the fact that numerous areas of the royal residence are in remains rebuilding work has been taken up. The royal residence houses a library, an exhibition hall and a workmanship display. The Royal historical center presentations numerous things from the rulers who controlled the spot in past. The diverse accumulation of regal memorabilia can interest any guest. The Royal fabrics, chasing weapons, the head gears and numerous all the more such things are sufficient to get the consideration of any one. There are two Durbar lobbies where the rulers held open gatherings. Despite the fact that they have not been redesigned, they are fit as a fiddle.

The Nayak lobby of the royal residence is possessed by the Art Gallery. This display has a great accumulation of curios from the Chola tradition amid the eighth and ninth century. The bronze and stone statues mirror the stature of craftsmanship acquired amid those days. The ringer tower which was put under rebuilding work, has risen altogether different from whatever is left of the structure after redesign. However, it merits going up the tower to have a decent perspective of the encompassing zone. By the craftsmanship display is the Saraswathi Mahal Library with an astonishing accumulation of original copies on palm leaves and paper. The library is not open for people in general. Be that as it may, one can simply go in the exhibition hall to observe the full Ramayana composed on Palm leaf or an arrangement of unequivocal prints of detainees

We will likewise continue for touring of Tanjore. See the lovely Chola sanctuary of Brihadeeshwara. The sanctuary is topped by a solid vault made of a solitary stone piece measuring 80 tons which was brought to the top with the assistance of a 6 km long slope an old system utilized by the Egyptians for building pyramids. You will likewise visit the Palace and its Art Gallery, which contains a few stone and bronze statues of the Chola period.

Taking after the visit, we will drive to Trichy

Upon entry, register with inn Grand Gardenia

Overnight at Hotel Grand Gardenia (Executive Room)

Day 09: Trichy/Madurai (140 Kms) (03 Hrs Drive)

Morning voyage through Rockfort Temple. The 83m high Rock Fort is the main outcrop in the generally level place where there is the city. The stone is one of the most seasoned on the planet roughly 3.800 million years, which makes it as old as the stones of Greenland and more established than the Himalayas. The sheer unexpectedness of its ascent is a rush in itself, however the genuine focus of fascination is not the fortress itself, of which next to no remaining parts, yet the sanctuary at the summit. 344 stages slashed out of rock lead to the top where there are engravings going back to the third century.B.C. Scarcely anything stays of the bulwarks however the Main Guard Gate is still in place. The fortress had critical influence amid the Carnatic wars and as per an engraving, essentially added to establish the frameworks of the British Empire in India.

At the highest point of the stone is the Uchipillaiyar Koil, a sanctuary committed to Lord Vinayaka from where one can appreciate an all encompassing perspective of Tiruchirappalli. A flight of steps prompts the Mathrubutheswarar of Thayumanaswami sanctuary, committed to Lord Siva where the lingam is a projection of the stone itself. Beneath the Siva sanctuary are the two Pallava cavern sanctuaries that have excellent models of the sixth and seventh hundreds of years. At the foot of the Rock Fort are a tank and a structure which are utilized amid the buoy celebration of the sanctuaries. Close to the tank is the house where Robert Clive lived when he was in Tiruchirappalli and there is an eighteenth century Church worked by Reverend Schwartz of Denmark

The sanctuary elephant in rock stronghold sanctuary gathers gifts, giving a gift and hands over the cash to his "supervisor

Evening, we ride to Tirumayam, which is one of the 108 Divya Desams. Tirumayam has two cavern sanctuaries committed to Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva, which are gone by expansive number of lovers. Mahendravarman and Narasimhavarman Pallava constructed the cavern sanctuaries, which lie neighboring each other.

Later, we will drive to Madurai

Upon landing, register with the Hotel Heritage Madurai

Evening we will stroll along the principle road prompting the sanctuary. The all around composed disarray brought about by pioneers in conventional garments, asphalt shops of all shades, sacred men in robes of various hues and so forth include an unmistakable shading and air to this intriguing Temple City.

Evening we will witness Bed Chamber Ceremony at Meenakshi sanctuary.

Overnight at Heritage Madurai (Deluxe Club Room)

Day 10: Madurai/Cardamom House (85 Kms) (01 ½ Hrs Drive)

Morning we will continue to the touring of Madurai one of the most seasoned urban areas of southern India. It has been a focal point of journey, for quite a long time. The Meenakshi sanctuary, the fundamental building fascination here, is an astounding case of Dravidian design, with gopurams or multi pillared corridors, secured through and through, in an abundance of diverse pictures of divine beings, goddesses, creatures and legendary figures.

Evening, we will visit the Tirumala Nayak Palace - A benevolent working in the Indo saracenic style, well known for the Stucco take a shot at its vaults and curves. Additionally visit the Alagar Hills and Tirupara Kundran Rock sanctuary.

Later, we will drive to Cardamom House, arranged in stunningly delightful surroundings on a slope of the Western Ghats over-looking a storm subordinate 400-section of land lake. Cardamom House is possessed and oversaw by Dr. Chris Lucas, a resigned English doctor, capably helped by 6 Indian staff. All rooms have either twin or separate twofold had relations with convenience, confront south, and have advanced western style restroom offices en-suite with sun based warmed heated water. The water originates from profound bore wells and is potale. With only two visitors to every staff part we can guarantee that you will, be by and by took care of and "excessively coddled" amid your sit tight. The dinners are readied utilizing just the freshest produce acquired every day from the neighborhood markets and the house takes incredible pride in the assortment of nourishment that they serve.

Other than encountering an extraordinary, customary settlement in dazzling regular settings, we additionally need you to encounter a run of the mill back of past unhurried Athoor town that has stayed solidified in time. We recommend that you just walk around the town at your own pace, retaining the air and looking as the rustic life unfurls. On the track you will pass a Hindu Temple arranged under a Banyan Tree, Continuing your walk you will pass Banana Plantations, fields of Chili and Groundnuts, and obviously tons of Coconut Trees. The villagers whose Way of life is reliant on agribusiness, are Very well disposed and will welcome you. A portion of the Cardamom House staff either hail from, or are living in Athoor and will guarantee that they are there to help you, acquaint you with individuals and help with the wickedly troublesome Tamil dialect, Athoor is genuinely a pristine Indian Village holding up to be found.

Overnight at Cardamom House (Twin Bedded A/C)

Day 11: Cardamom House/Periyar (200 Kms) (04 Hrs Drive)

Morning, we will drive to Periyar through the grandly energetic valley of the Cardamom Hills of the Western Ghats. The Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary at Thekkady in Kerala, is one of the 16 Project Tiger Reserves in India. Around a century back, a British specialist, Col. J. Penn ycuick, chalked out an arrangement to dam the Periyar River, in this way, a dam was built in 1895. This brought about the bordering timberlands being allowed insurance, by the Maharaja of Travancore. The 55 sq km store and the encompassing backwoods, give security to the creatures inside. Today, Periyar is evidently, a standout amongst the most amazing untamed life havens on the planet.

Upon entry register with the Cardamom County

The flavor ranch in Periyar is one of the real zest estates in Kerala. The zest ranches in Kerala are enrapturing homesteads to meander in, since various flavors are developed in various areas of every estate.

The flavor ranch in Periyar is a prime fascination of this excellent area. Despite the fact that sprawling tea domains cover a significant part of the scene of Periyar, ranches of cardamom, elastic, vanilla and espresso are likewise in abundance.

We have the choice for nature strolls, feathered creature watching, taste the different flavors and take in the fragrant air while investigating the zest ranch in Periyar. Get a couple of parcels of the tea and flavors developed here that make for a decent purchase.

There are different sorts of flavors developed in Periyar. The most plentifully discovered zest in Periyar is pepper. Notwithstanding, there is an assortment of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, ginger, turmeric and curry leaves on the inclining slants of the zest ranch in Periyar. We will likewise visit the Sahyadri Organic tea manufacturing plant in Peermade, a late wander of the PDS. There are exceptionally planned vantage indicates for you see this plant housed in a white-washed building.

Overnight at Cardamom County (Periyar AC Cottage)

Day 12: Periyar

Day 12: Periyar Following breakfast early today we would take a short trek inside the backwoods. The birdlife involves darters, cormorants, kingfishers, awesome hornbills (the considerable Malabar hornbill) and racket-tailed drongoes. The reptilian populace gloats of screen reptiles that can be seen lounging in the sun, on the stones along the lakeshore, particularly in the cooler months. Pythons, ruler cobras, flying reptiles, flying squirrels, flying snakes and to top everything, flying frogs are alternate tenants of this astounding haven.

There are a couple interesting tribal towns around the Periyar, fundamentally the Manan and Oorali tribes. The Mana ns are expert anglers, and a couple of despite everything them enjoy the customary, if hazardous, routine of gathering the nectar of substantial and savage slope honey bees. The Ooralis assemble tree abodes, however not as living arrangements, but rather watchtowers to keep wild pigs, and elephants from destroying their yields.

After the trek, we board flatboats made of bamboos for a rafting knowledge through a portion of the wealthiest timberland tracts of Periyar Tiger Reserve. The rafting is for around three hours and one gets an all encompassing perspective of woodland clad slopes pondered the lake. Creatures like elephant, gaur and sambar are located keeping near the edges of the lake.

The group bums a ride back to the pontoon arrival by around 5 pm. A furnished protect and aides will go with us. Tea, snacks and stuffed lunch will be served Enroute

Overnight at Cardamom County (Periyar AC Cottage)

Day 13: Periyar/Munnar (130 Kms) (03 Hrs Drive)

After breakfast, we drive to the Munnar through the grandly lively valley of the Cardamom Hills of the Western. We would stop a couple times to communicate with local people and additionally stroll through the farmland to investigate conventional and ethnic ways of life. It's a trip through broad tea and zest manors and for most piece of our voyage; the air is rendered with the scent of tea and flavors.

Munnar, a slope station on the Western Ghats and with its lakes, supplies, timberlands and tea domains is the Nature-Lovers' Paradise. It is wonderfully arranged at the conversion of three streams - the Muthirappuzh, Nallathanni and Kundala. Munnar is a noteworthy focal point of Kerala's tea industry.

Upon landing register with the lodging Tea County

We have two days at recreation to investigate the virgin magnificence of the spot and its few conceivable outcomes at your own pace. Anaimudi (2694 m), the most noteworthy crest in the southern India, is adjacent and the perspectives from here are staggering. Munnar offers some incredible probability for nature strolls and visits to close-by tribal towns where individuals, however poor are amazingly well disposed, beguiling and affable. The ethnic ways of life, customary homes and the conventional occupation with ethnic apparatuses and actualizes gives a fantastic affair. The woodland that encompass Munnar are still rich in untamed life. The slopes encompassing Munnar are home for one of the world's rarest mountain goats, Nilgiri tahr. The tropical woodlands are occupied by elephants, tigers, deer and gaur (buffalo) Munnar is a birdwatcher delight with an assortment of fowls that are upheld by the evergreen vegetation of the area. On the off chance that one look for a feeling of peace, a longing to speak with nature and in particular take an interest in a trip through a living historical center, Munnar is the spot that tries to give this in a great setting.

Overnight at Tea County (Deluxe Room)

Day 14: Munnar

Taking after breakfast we continue on a voyage through Munnar. Our significant highlights would be as beneath:

Mattupetty dam-Mattupetty Dam, situated close Munnar in Idukki District, is One of the most went to traveler spots of Munnar. The dam will enchant you by its rich green trees, magnum perspectives, and, completely clear water. A voyage here is an invigorating background, offering incidental sightings of elephant, gaur and sambar.

Eravikulam National Park-In 97 Sq. Kms of high moving level at a base height of 2000 mts, the recreation center is home to the biggest populace of imperiled Nilgiri Tahars alongside other natural life and 120 types of flying creatures. It is additionally a perfect spot for trekking and other enterprise exercises.

Tea Museum - The Tea Museum was introduced by Tata Tea a noteworthy maker of bundled tea in order to keep the historical backdrop of tea manor in India in place. The Munnar Tea Museum houses a portion of the selective antiquities like the 'Pelton Wheel' utilized as a part of the force era plant, the first Tea roller, and, an antiquated rail motor wheel of the Kundale Valley that moved men and material between Munnar. Other than this Museum is a tribute to the endeavors of all the unsung saints who were resolved to make Munnar a noteworthy tea estate focus in Kerala, India.

Top Station-If you have a long steady yearning to feel the mists and fly from the beginning with them, ensure you don't miss on this stunning destination. Top Station is the most noteworthy point on the Munnar-Kodaikanal street. It additionally offers an all encompassing perspective of the lofty Western Ghats and the valley of Theni region.

Reverberation Point-Echo Point is situated at a separation of 13 km from Munnar town. In the event that one cravings to shout and hear their voices being resounded till far out and wide then Echo Point is the spot to be. The damp, mildew covered sections of land of mountains spread over here are up to this point delightful and call for one to let their spirits out, truly. A portion of the well known exercises of this destination are trekking, and, nature strolls.

Overnight at Tea County (Deluxe Room)

Day 15: Munnar/Alleppey/Houseboat

Day 15: Munnar/Alleppey/Houseboat After breakfast we ride to Alleppey for a houseboat experience through the limited waterways and channels of the backwaters of Kerala.

The materials that go into the making of houseboat are all nearby and Eco-accommodating; bamboo posts, coconut fiber ropes, bamboo mats floor coverings and so on. The principle wood utilized is "Anjali ". The Houseboat gives all solaces - Beds, a kitchen, western toilets and an upper deck. Customary lamps are utilized as lights. The food is of customary Kerala flavor alongside the neighborhood Specialities - scrumptious fish and prawns.

We spend the day Cruising on our watercraft through remote tribal towns along the serene backwaters of Kerala is an eminent affair. Breathtaking in its own particular noiseless way, the voyage takes you along snake watercraft docks, inviting cheering villagers, coir (Jute) making groups, flavor (nearby soul) shops, angling nets pitched for the day's catch, bunded paddy fields and manual kayaks of various sizes mismatching each other. The experience empowers you to achieve delightful untouched zones.

Overnight on board Air-Conditioned Muthoot Houseboat

Day 16: Houseboat/Kumarakom

After breakfast, the houseboat navigates through slender channels and waterways and achieves Kumarakom.

Upon entry, register with Lemon Tree Vembanad Lake Resort.

Rest of the day is at relaxation for your autonomous exercises

Overnight at Lemon Tree Vembanad Lake Resort (Deluxe Lake Front Room)

Day 17: Kumarakom

Day is free for autonomous exercises. You can likewise appreciate the discretionary ayurvedic body knead at the resort. You could likewise investigate the encompassing tribal towns, visit the adjacent water flying creature haven or ride through the slender backwater channels through back of past Kerala

Overnight at Lemon Tree Vembanad Lake Resort (Deluxe Lake Front Room)

Day 18: Kumarakom/Mararikulam (40 Kms)

After breakfast, we will drive to Mararikulam

Upon landing, register with A Beach Symphony

Rest of the day is at recreation for your autonomous exercises.

Overnight at A Beach Symphony (Beach Cottage)

Day 19 - 20: Mararikulam

Days at recreation to make the most of your dazzling shoreline resort and the astounding wide open and tribal towns that append the spot

Overnight at A Beach Symphony (Beach Cottage)

Day 21: Mararikulam/Cochin (50 Kms)

Taking after a lackadaisical breakfast we will drive to Cochin

Upon landing, register with The Trident

Kathakali Dance:

Kathakali DanceA extraordinary regard anticipates us tonight as we continue to witness the quality and life of Kathakali move show, as it authorizes scenes from awesome Indian stories. The greatly adapted motions, the intricate make-up, the veils and the breathtaking ensembles of these every single male artist, reproduces a unique feeling of pomp.

Overnight at The Trident - a 5* Oberoi Group Hotel (Superior Room)

Day 22: Cochin

Day 22: CochinAfter a relaxed breakfast, we continue on a guided voyage through the City. The genuine character of the city is to be found in the more established parts of the Fort Cochin zone. It pretty much exists as it used to be a 1000 years back, when it was first fabricated. The streets have not been extended on the grounds that the old run down structures, through interwoven repairs throughout the hundreds of years, still remain on the edges. This a player in the city mirrors a bizarre mix of medieval Portugal, Dutch and English nation life united on to the tropical Malabar Coast. The angling group of Cochin is likewise extremely intriguing. They old cantilevered angling nets called Chinese Fishing Nets. The net is altered to a shaft on the shore. While angling, the whole net is brought down by a primitive support instrument utilizing long bamboo shafts. By the same system the shaft is lifted alongside the catch. We will investigate the sights of Photographic and in addition social premium. We would likewise visit the sixteenth century Mattancherry Palace, otherwise called the Dutch Palace since the Dutch significantly revamped the royal residence in the seventeenth century. The twofold storied quadrangular building encompasses a patio containing a Hindu sanctuary. The Central Hall on the main floor was the crowning ordinance lobby of the Rajas of Cochin; in plain view are their dresses, turbans and palanquins. The most vital component of this castle, in any case, is the bewildering paintings in the bedchambers and different rooms, which delineate scenes from the Ramayana and different religious legends. These wall paintings are without a doubt the absolute most lovely and broad anyplace to be found in India. The exceptional element here is the sudden and confined Jewish people group, whose sources go back to AD 52. They are independent and have there own Synagogue.

The range around the Synagogue, known, as 'Jew Town' is one of the primary focuses of zest exchange. Scores of little firms cluster together in old flimsy structures and the air is loaded with the fragrance of ginger, cardamom, cumin, turmeric and cloves. The territory is extremely occupied. The potters are stacking gunny packs of flavors on to trucks, which keep running all over the restricted paths. We would visit Jew Town, in the Mattancherry segment and a short stroll from the ship, is one road long. Jews used to involve for all intents and purposes all the houses on Jew Town Road, where they sold natural products, vegetables and flavors or functioned as oil pressers or woodworkers. The zest markets are still situated on the tight road.

Overnight at The Trident - a 5* Oberoi Group Hotel (Superior Room)

Day 23: Cochin/Ooty (290 Kms) (06 Hrs Drive)

Taking after a lackadaisical breakfast we will drive to Ooty

Upon entry register with your inn Taj Savoy

Rest of the day is at relaxation for your free exercises

Overnight at Taj Savoy - a Taj Group Hotel (Standard Room)

Day 24: Ooty

At the beginning of today we will continue to a guided voyage through Ooty

Settled among the absolute most staggering mountains in Southern India, Ooty is a relic of the British Raj. The town's general appearance is an impossible mix of Southern England and Australia, with single - story stone houses encompassed by trees, fenced bloom gardens scattered along verdant, and twisting paths with tall eucalypti stands covering the generally infertile peaks. The other principle indications of the British period are the stone Churches and the tremendous kid's school with its arranged patio nurseries at the base of Ooty's renowned lake There is additionally the terraced and exceptionally English Botanical Gardens, in which the Government House remains on the lower slants of Doddabetta (2623m), the most noteworthy crest in Tamil Nadu. From the highest point of Doddabeta you can see Connor, Wellington, Coimbatore, Mettupalayam and, on a sunny morning, similarly as Mysore.

Overnight at Taj Savoy - a Taj Group Hotel (Standard Room)

Day 25: Ooty/Bangalore (280 Kms) (06 Hrs Drive) Bangalore/Chennai (6E 277 - 1915/2010 Hrs)

Morning, we will drive to Bangalore airplane terminal to interface your flight to Chennai.

Meeting and help upon landing in Chennai and exchange to Radisson Blu, City Center

Overnight at Hotel Radisson Blu, City Center (Superior Room)

Day 26: Chennai/Departure

Exchange to the International airplane terminal to interface your forward flight to back home.

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